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Why Rent With Us?

Our housing for professionals in London serve as your home away from home, fully furnished with all amenities you need to move straight in and have everything taken care of.

We provide the best support possible – 24/7, always by the phone to handle anything you need help with regarding the property.

We make the process of moving and living away from home into an easy one, where everything runs smoothly and you feel settled as soon as possible.

Why Work With Us?

We guarantee the rent every month to all property owners or letting agents. We make things easy for everyone.

We take away your workload of having to manage tenants, maintain properties and deal with any issues, and at the same time we guarantee you receive your rent. It’s a win-win for everyone.

One Call To Start It All

Fill in the quick and easy form to arrange a call where we can discuss your property or renting requirements.

We are also reachable by phone 24/7 if you wish to call us directly. 



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Our Mission

We seek to make it easy from start to finish for our tenants and property owners alike. Our housing for professionals in London are furnished, clean and well maintained.

Property owners can rest assured thanks to the assured income their properties will bring in under our care and management.

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Guaranteed rent. Rent to rent. Service accommodation. Rooms for rent for professionals in London. DPS logo.  

Key Benefits

For Renters 

  • Furnished, comfortable and affordable
  • 24-hour support always at the ready
  • Smooth transitions assured

For Landlords and Agents 

  • Assured income for property owners
  • All management and maintenance taken care of
  • We pay maintenance and letting agent fees

Get in touch with us!

We encourage professionals seeking rooms for rent in London to get in touch with us. We have a variety of long and short term options available.

We're always happy to manage new properties as well. Owners interested in assured income and stress free property management please get in touch with us any time.

 : 07904127673

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