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Housing For Professionals In London - How It Works


We Simplify The Process


Whether you are a tenant, a letting agent or a property owner, we do everything we can to make your life easy.

We provide comfortable, fully furnished housing for professionals in London, and we take care of everything from the property owner’s side.

We guarantee the rent every month, regardless of whether the property is occupied of not. All maintenance costs and agents’ fees are paid for by us.


How It Benefits You


As a resident in one of our properties, we ensure you have everything you need. We make sure that the transition to a new home is seamless, and that when you arrive, everything is already in place for you to live comfortably, free from any stress.

As a property owner or letting agent, we reduce your workload and time spent securing tenants. As well as guaranteeing you the rent every month and taking care of any letting agent fees, we also take it on ourselves to find tenants, manage tenants and take care of the properties themselves.



The Benefits Our Tenants and Property Owners Enjoy

- We provide a light refurbishment to bring your property up to the  high standards which we promise to our professional tenants

- We employ the services of a regular cleaner and gardener to maintain our high standards

- We manage all repairs and maintenance on your behalf

- Properties are fully managed by our experienced team at no extra cost and owners are assured income every month

- There are NO tenant finding fees, No inventory and no management costs

- We would also consider purchasing the property in the future if that is of interest to property owners 





Our Six Step Process



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01. Get In Touch With Us

We provide housing for professionals in London. Call us direct or fill out our online form, and we can begin to discuss what property will suit you best.


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02. Discuss Requirements

We can then discuss what kind of property you are looking to stay in, your ideal location and length of stay.

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03. We Present Your Options

With our own properties and connections in the property market, we have access to many places of residence. We can cater to different tastes, sizes, locations, and lengths of stay.


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04. Accommodation Viewings

We can arrange a time to show you around the property to make sure you feel completely at home before you make any decisions.

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05. Check In

When you are happy with your chosen property, you can move in at the arranged time and enjoy all the benefits of being taken care of in a fully furnished property.


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06. Relax, You're Home

We realise that working life is filled with business and obligations. That’s why we do our upmost to ensure that you walk into a residence that is ready to be comfortably lived in. Whether its furniture, TV, Wi-Fi arrangements, cleaning services or 24-hour support – we have you covered.



Our Mission

We are dedicated to making things easy for both tenants and property owners. Move straight into a clean, furnished, well-maintained property or room for rent in London, and we will make sure you are looked after.

If you are a property owner, you can rest in the knowledge that your rent is guaranteed, and we take care of any maintenance issues with the property.

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Key Benefits

For Renters 

  • Fully furnished and affordable
  • Regularly cleaned and maintained
  • A ready-made home with 24-hour support

For Landlords and Agents 

  • Assured income from properties
  • We maintain the property and handle tenants
  • Maintenance and agent’s fees covered by us

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