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About Cosmopolitan Relocation

We have two main goals:

  • Make life easy for the tenant
  • Make life easy for the property owner

We do all the work in between, making sure the tenants and owners are both satisfied.

Our aim is to provide peace of mind.

Our Beginnings

After noticing the hassle that people have to go through to either rent a property or rent out a property, we decided to offer a solution for both tenants and property owners. Through owning properties ourselves and building relationships with letting agents, we have built a business that serves both sides of the rental agreement.

What We're About

The first half of our service is based around providing comfortable, clean and stress-free housing for professionals in London.

The second half of our service revolves around taking care of maintenance and letting agent fees, maintaining properties, handling viewings and tenant issues, and of course, providing assured income to property owners every month.

We carry the workload to give both tenants and property owners peace of mind.




We're Fully Insured

Peace of mind is important for everyone involved in this process. We are covered by full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance, meaning that property owners, letting agents and tenants can rest assured that everything can and will be taken care of.




Get In Touch

Contact us today if you need housing for professionals in London or a room for rent in London. We can discuss your budget, desired location and ideal property size. We can then offer you some options to consider...

If you own a property and want us to do the work for you while guaranteeing you the rent every month, feel free to contact us about your property. We can discuss the rent, arrange a viewing, and offer you a monthly guaranteed rate, regardless of whether the property is occupied or not.

Key Benefits

For Renters 

  • Furnished, comfortable rooms
  • Always ready with 24 hour support
  • Plenty of modern amenities

For Landlords and Agents 

  • Property owners are assured income
  • Property management and maintenance taken care of by us
  • We will cover any maintenance and letting agent fees

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